Sudan Telecentre Academy is a powerful archive on the World Wide Web

Sudan Telecentre Academy has been a pioneer in developing sites on the World Wide Web and in integrating complex web systems. We offer cutting-edge information technology tools and methods to benefit our customers and complement their business and communications objectives. Our process for analyzing our customer’s users, communication needs, and functional requirements is comprehensive. We place a high value on identifying both technical and human needs, which is essential for ensuring that our customers’ websites operate flawlessly and communicate effectively to all audiences.

Our client list includes a multitude of organizations with diverse messages, communications requirements, and technology management concerns. We have successfully delivered comprehensive web development services to a host of federal government clients who use the web to access data, collaborate, and communicate securely, and to implement e-government initiatives to improve service to the public.

Our customers also include local government clients with requirements for broad accessibility and high usability for all site visitors, as well as commercial businesses that rely on high-impact sites to market products and services.

Sudan Telecentre Academy has established an integrated, highly skilled team of web developers, award-winning graphic artists, as well as communications and editorial specialists. This team provides our customers with end-to-end design and development services for virtually any communications or electronic media product.