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Berlusconi joke jewish

Berlusconi joke jewish

Control over the public appearance of the regime, also obtained with the deletion of any content that could allow opposition, suspicions, or doubts about fascism. Most neofascist movements in Europe pandered to anti-Semitism, though neofascists in Italy and Spain generally did not. Several scenes featuring mildly sexual or even just romantic behavior of the two protagonists were cut. After fascism, democratic republic did not change the essence of the fascist law on press, which is now organized as it was before, like the law on access to the profession of journalist remained unaltered. A well known Italian journalist writer, Ennio Flaiano , certainly an anti-fascist, used to say that journalists don't need to care of "that irrelevant majority of Italians".

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Compilation of Silvio Berlusconi's funniest blunders

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Berlusconi joke jewish

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