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Funny haka

Funny haka

Mrs Tamaariki said a number of guests were 'overwhelmed and emotional' after seeing the haka performed The bride explained that the couple has different backgrounds, and they wanted to have them both represented at the wedding. A close friend of the groom, Takoha Ropati, composed a special version of the haka for the wedding which was a combination of hakas from three different tribes, the Ngati Whatua, Tainui and Ngapuhi. Wisconsin slogans really seem to have a thing or two for cheese and smell: Life is Full of Decisions The three tribes were all represented in the 30 wedding guests who performed the dance at the wedding. Litterasy Ain't Everthang" "Idaho: Now with Sckools" Wisconsin Slogans Hmm

Funny haka

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Old School Haka Funny

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