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Funny matrix multiplication

Funny matrix multiplication

Cost of each type of flower: At this point students should have an "ingredients by day" matrix representing the amount of each ingredient required on weekdays, weekend days, and holidays. The task is set in the context of organizing data and combining information for making batches of ice cream so that students can use the context to determine which factors need to be multiplied, which terms need to be added, and how data might be arranged to keep track of the operations in an organized way. A florist creates three special floral arrangements. For example, do they consider that there are more weekdays than holidays, or do they weigh the three categories of days equally? Strategies for Diverse Learners Students who struggle with representing the data in an organized way may benefit from using the attached "Using Matices with Real World Data" template. Do they propose buying some ingredients at one store and the other ingredients at another, or do they choose to purchase all ingredients at the same store?

Funny matrix multiplication

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The Matrix Multiplication Song

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