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Funny onlinemultimedia

Funny onlinemultimedia

When you buy a Smartphone, your first natural instinct is to connect it to a cellphone network - why? Much like electricity, radio, television and cellphone networks before, Internet has become an integral part of our lives and we should accept the fact that having our devices connected to the web is better than not doing so. Some apects of games on the Durango may be controlled server-side and may require you to be Online to be fully operable, the Internet is wide-spread, easily accessible and there are no reasons not include such elements if they're beneficial for the End User and the gaming experience. If the console will have a strong focus on Online activities - on Muliplayer, on Social, on OnlineMultimedia then going Offline will give you access to a fraction of its functionality - the very basics, and that's provided the content in question doesn't require anything server-side. You'll still have access to your apps, the Smartphone will still be operable I mean, you can, right? If the content on the console will heavily rely on using Online features and not being connected will render it practically useless "Always Online" makes sense.

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