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Joker crane

Joker crane

As Batman arrived at ground level, he was forced to fight Copperhead until Alfred sent him the cure via the Batwing, which restored him back to health and allowed him to finally subdue her. All right, all right, fine. He appeared again in in an Asylum inmate outfit. The soulful singer, who openly struggled with drug and alcohol abuse during her career, died of accidental alcohol poisoning , a finding that sparked a global conversation on the nature of substance abuse and its treatment. After he tracked down the electronic signals from one of the assassins, the Electrocutioner, Batman learned that Joker had taken control of the Gotham Royal Hotel, murdered over a hundred of its employees, taken the guests hostage, reconstructed Ballroom into a hellish funhouse with stolen carnival items to torture and slaughter the guests, and rigged the foundations with explosives and laughing gas. Whether the story was completely true or not was unknown, as the Joker himself had admitted that the encounter with Batman may have done permanent damage to his sanity and mind. Eventually, both criminals double-crossed each other and were stopped by Batman and Superman.

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The Joker/Baby doll/Jonathan Crane - [You haunt my dreams]

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Joker crane

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