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What do the impractical jokers do on tour

What do the impractical jokers do on tour

Rock Boater Good vibes and a true escape from reality. The move also created a problem for the stage design; instead of being on top of a rise, which characterized the geography at Sears Point, at Altamont the stage would now be at the bottom of a slope. But by December 4, the plans had broken down, in Paul Kantner 's account, because the city and police departments were unhelpful; innate conflict between the hippies of Haight-Ashbury and the police was manifested in obstructiveness. Witnesses also reported Hunter was stomped on by several Hells Angels while he was on the ground. Sal, who could hear the guys through a tiny earpiece, had to keep a straight face.

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'Impractical Jokers' INTERVIEW

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What do the impractical jokers do on tour

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